Kagithane Real Estate

Kagithane is located in Central Istanbul between Sisli, Besiktas, Sariyer and Eyup areas. It is easy to reach all central spots of Istanbul such as Taksim Square, Halic area, Levent and Maslak areas from Kagithane because of its location. By new metro stations, tunnels and new roads Kagithane became much easier to access.  In addition to this, Kagithane is one of the nearest central locations to the New Istanbul Airport. As a result of all these developments, Kagithane real estate projects became more popular to invest.

Facts About Kagithane

Kagithane is one of the smallest districts in Istanbul with 450,000 of population and 16km2 land size. Kagithane consists of 19 neighborhoods. Despite of its size, Kagithane is surrounded by many universities, schools, shopping malls and finance centers. Cendere Street, Halic University, Bilgi University, Atlas University, Axis Shopping Mall, Derindere Hospital, Papirus Plaza and Dap Business Center are some of the important spots in Kagithane.

Buy Property in Kagithane

Since 2010, Kagithane and surrounding areas have been developing faster with the help of urban transformation law. Especially, Cendere Street which is one of the main streets in Kagithane has become one of the most valuable and busiest streets in Istanbul. Since many skyscrapers, shopping malls and business centers are on this street such as Vadistanbul and Skyland, properties in Kagithane doubled their values. To buy property in Kagithane, the Cendere street area can be pointed out as the most popular spot.

Kagithane real estate prices in Cendere Street starts from 15,000 TL/m2 and goes up to 25,000 TL/m2. However, real estate projects in Kagithane nearby Cendere street are more reasonable and offer more investment potential. In addition to that, homes in Kagithane are very popular to rent out because of the location and the quality. This is another reason why Kagithane properties have higher rental capabilities and higher return of investments.

Apartments in Kagithane

There are many different concepts and different properties for sale in Kagithane such as skyscrapers, luxury and budget boutique projects and projects with large gardens and social facilities. In addition to this, it is possible to find apartments in Kagithane from studio to 5 bedrooms. However, investors in Kagithane mostly focused on small buy to let apartments as in the studio, 1 bedroom and 2 bedrooms. Since Kagithane properties are rented by students or white-collar professionals, small apartments are more popular to invest in. Besides that projects with certain facilities such as swimming pool and fitness center are being preferred more often.

Property Prices in Kagithane

The minimum price you need to pay to buy an apartment in Kagithane in a new real estate project is around 450.000 TL (apx 65,000 USD). Although it depends on the project’s concept and the size, the average prices for Kagithane real estate projects are,

1 bedroom, 450.000 TL – 1,250,000 TL

2 bedrooms – 650,000 TL – 1,750,000 TL

3 bedrooms – 900,000 TL – 2,500,000 TL

4 bedrooms – 1,250,000 TL – 4,000,000 TL

Homes for Sale in Kagithane

In Kagithane, it is possible to find homes in 10+ different real estate projects both used or unused. In order to check out the best offers from brand new real estate projects in Kagithane you can send a contact form to us by clicking here

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