Sariyer Real Estate

Sariyer is one of the central locations in Istanbul which is located at the central north, next to Besiktas, Kagithane and Arnavutkoy areas. Sariyer has a long coast to the Bosphorus, Black Sea and is located right next to the Belgrade forest. That’s why, Sariyer is called “where blue meets the green”. Sariyer has near Bosphorus neighborhoods such as Tarabya, Yenikoy and Emirgan where people can take a walk nearby sea and enjoy the Bosphorus overlooking restaurants and cafes. Sariyer real estate projects are mostly calmer and high-quality ones. However, in different parts of Sariyer such as the Seyrantepe area, large and lively real estate projects are existed too. From Sariyer there are subway and ferry facilities to reach most of the central locations of Istanbul easily. Sariyer real estate investment is shaped around near Bosphorus side and around new developing neighborhoods.

Facts About Sariyer

İn the past, Sariyer was a fisher town of Istanbul. Within the last 50 years, with the growth of Istanbul, Sariyer became a central and urban location. Sariyer is one of the largest areas in Istanbul with a 151 km2 land area. On the other hand, population density is low since the population of Sariyer is 276,000. That’s why it is one of the peaceful areas in Istanbul. Sariyer has attraction points such as Istinye Park Mall, Emirgan Koru, Tarabya, Yenikoy and Vadistanbul Mall. Besides that, the 3rd Istanbul Bridge’s (Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge) European side leg is located in Sariyer.

Buy Property in Sariyer

Sariyer is one of the most popular locations to buy property for upper class people. Sariyer properties usually have large square meters and beautiful sea views.  The Bosphorus part of Sariyer consists of historical apartments since there is no construction permission in the front line of Bosphorus. Even though Bosphorus front line properties are historical, they are precious and nicely renovated ones. It is possible to find new properties on the hills of Sariyer and other areas such as Seyrantepe and Zekeriyakoy. Seyrantepe and Zekeriyakoy are other convenient locations to buy property in Sariyer since they are new developing areas. That’s why, most of the properties in these areas are new and have high investment values.

Properties in Istinye, Tarabya, Yenikoy, Emirgan and Sariyer center have historical Istanbul architectures and great Bosphorus views. Yali type of properties (properties that have a coast to Bosphorus) in these areas too. They are the most expensive types of properties in Istanbul and the entire world. The price of some of the Yali properties reaches up to 60M Usd.

Apartments in Sariyer

Although there are lots of property options in Sariyer, large types of properties as in minimum 3 bedroomb are the most preferred ones in general. As it is mentioned above, since Sariyer is a location that most suitable for family living, apartments in Sariyer usually have larger square meters.

For making small apartment investment in Sariyer, the Seyrantepe area is the most suitable location. Projects such as Vadistanbul, Skyland, Nurol Life, Seba Flats and Avangart Istanbul have a studio, 1 bedroom and 2-bedroom apartment options with higher rental incomes.

Property Prices in Sariyer

Since there are different type of properties in Sariyer, property prices may show differences. Yali type of properties start from 3M Usd and go up to 60M Usd. When the most expensive properties such as Yalis and front line Bosphorus apartments disclude, Sariyer property prices in new projects are around,

Studio apartment – 650.000 TL – 1,100,000 TL

1 bedroom – 900.000 TL – 2,000,000 TL

2 bedrooms –1,600,000 TL – 4,500,000 TL

3 bedrooms – 2,250,000 TL – 7,000,000 TL

4 bedrooms – 3,300,000 TL – 9,500,000 TL

5+ bedrooms – 7,000,000 TL – 20,000,000 TL

Homes for Sale in Sariyer

Finding the right home for the right price requires proficiency. As Century21 Sinerji Istanbul, we are happy to offer the widest portfolio of Sariyer properties for sale. To have further information you can send us a contact form by clicking here

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