How to Buy?

How to Buy Property in Istanbul?

Property Search

We have the widest real estate projects portfolio in Istanbul. Following to your inquiry, our expert sales team do the check list with you to understand your request best. We provide you the best up to date properties by considering location reports, quality facts and return of investment reports. There are millions of apartments for sale in Istanbul. We narrow down carefully to make sure that you make the best investment.

Our Property search includes,

-Detailed information about the real estate projects in terms of amenities, location, quality.

-Detailed information about the features of the property such as size, floor plans, ceiling heights.

-Location reports that explain the importance of areas and best locations to buy property in Istanbul

-Return of investment (ROI) report that shows the properties which can be counted as a good investment

-Property and project comparison in terms of quality, price and potential.

-Prices and Payment Plans.

-Expert’s opinion.

Property Tours

After our sales team provide you the detailed presentation about the properties in Istanbul that fits into your inquiry, we make a tour together to see theproperties and to explain the areas to you.



Buying Process

After you make your decision, our sales and legal team conducts entire buying process for you. Series of steps followed in buying process such as,

-Citizenship requirements in case it will be applied

-Opening a bank account,

-Getting the tax number

-Property appraisal reports

-Mortgage arrangement in case it will be used

Our expert team stands together with you in every step of the buying process to make sure that finalizing the process safely.



Who Can Buy Property in Turkey?

According to the law, all foreigners (except Syria, Armenia, Yemen, North Korea, Cuba, Nigeria) can buy property in Turkey.

What is the cost of buying property in Turkey?

The only cost of buying property determined by the laws is tittle deed fee.  Tittle deed fee is calculated as %2 of the property’s value and it is paid by both buyer and seller. (as in 2% buyer and 2% seller)

Is there any cost of buying property with a contract?

If the contract is notarized, there will be notary fee which is around 1% of the property’s value. Exact fee is calculated by the notary.

How long does buying process take for foreigners?

For both Turkish citizens and foreign buyers, sales process is same. It is usually finalized in the same day.

Do I need a Turkish bank account to buy property?

If you will apply to Turkish Citizenship you need to do buying transaction via Turkish banks. Otherwise you can make a money transfer from your local bank account to the seller firm.

Can I obtain residence permit if I buy apartment in Istanbul?

Yes, you can. Foreigners who own real estate in Turkey can obtain residence permit for one year. It can be renewed every year.

Can I apply to mortgage in Turkey?

Yes, you can. If you have a valid payroll in your home country, you can apply to mortgage from certain Turkish banks with installments up to 120 months.

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