What are the types of residence permits?


Residence permit allows foreigners to stay in Turkey longer than their visa periods. According to the law no. 6458 foreigners can apply and obtain a residence permit in Turkey. There are several types of residence permit in Turkey such as,

*Short-term residence permit:

For foreigners who come for scientific research purposes

For foreigners who owns real estate in Turkey

For foreigners who come for certain business purposes

For foreigners who come for education purposes

*Family residence permit:

For foreigners who has a Turkish spouses or parents.

*Student residence permit:

For foreigners who has an acceptance from an educational institute in Turkey.

*Long-term residence permit:

For foreigners who have stayed in Turkey for 8 years continually.

*Continually stay is calculated as in 6 months in 1 year (In total maximum 1 year in every 5 years )


How can I apply for short-term residence permit?


Law no.6458 allows foreigners who own a real estate in Turkey to obtain a short-term residence permit. In the previous law foreigners who has a real estate in Turkey were allowed to apply for 3 months of short-term residence permit but current law allows foreigners to obtain a 1-year residence permit in each application.

The owned real estate’s licensing has to be a house (apartment, villa etc.) and has to be used by housing purposes.

Foreigners who own a real estate also can apply to residence permit for their spouses and underage (18) children.


What are the terms for short-term residence permit?


1- Applying to short-term residence permit to Immigration Department and claiming the required documents.

2- Not having an entry ban to Turkey

3- Having a legal document as passport or equivalent document

4- Having a housing condition which is compatible with security and health standards

5- Medical record from a home country in case it is asked.

6- Declaration of legal address


List of documents that are asked for short-term residence permit


1-Residence permit application form

2-Passport or Id (original and copy)

3-Declaration about the applier has sufficient financial possibility to stay in Turkey during the period that they apply for.

4-Medical insurance in Turkey

5-Title deed of the real estate owned.


Should I be present in the application process?


Foreigners residence permit application can be done by applier or their legal representative. However, immigration office may demand the applier’s presence if they see it necessary.

In summary, for foreigners who owns a real-estate with housing purposes can apply to short term residence permit for up to 1 year with their families. If you wish to have further information about our legal services or apartments in Istanbul, you can reach us from the contact page in our website.