Istanbul is one of the biggest cities in the world in terms of population. More than 20 million people live in Istanbul and there are 5,4 million properties in Istanbul. Although Istanbul’s real estate market is one of the most popular and profitable ones, it is also important to choose the right property to have a solid investment. In this website, we prepared different articles and listed the best projects for you in order you to be more accurate when you buy apartment in Istanbul. In this page, you can find the most selective real estate projects of Istanbul in terms of location, quality, brand reliability and investment potential. Also, in our Buyer’s Guide page and blog page you can find important information and other steps regarding to buy apartment in Istanbul.

Istanbul Real Estate Projects

Out of 250 + real estate projects in Istanbul we narrowed down the most popular and reliable projects for you. In many different locations you can select your property depending on your budget and expectations. You may ask what to consider when you buy apartment in Istanbul? And which area is the best to buy apartment in Istanbul?


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Deniz Istanbul is the largest real estate on Istanbul's European Side and which is on a 1,500 decare land where green meets the sea with sea view luxury apartments
$ 78,000
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Cubuklu 28 real estate project very near to 2nd Bophorus Bridge. You will feel like at the suburb while you are at the very center of Istanbul.
$ 190,000
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Park Residence Cadde Bagdat Street offers a unique lifestyle in Istanbul Asian Side's heart. In Sea Side Residence's 4 blocks and 44 floors, you are free to choose your Istanbul view as in Islands...
$ 298,000
Fortis Sinanli Asian Side Luxury Project offers a mixed life that involves residences, offices and street shops. CNT 104 Asian Side Luxury Project is located right next to metro, metrobus and Eurasia Tunnels which is accepted as the heart of the new Kadikoy.
$ 86,000
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Limitless sea and lake view in the coast of Istanbul. You will never want to leave your home since you have the best view in the city. Kucukcekmece is one the most popular spots in Istanbul. Explore this lively part of the city.
$ 93,000
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Bahcesehir's greatest real estate project is welcoming you. Strada Akzirve Garden Homes Istanbul invites you a unique life with high quality apartments and its prestigious street with restaurants, cafes, banks and shops.
$ 66,000
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Nida Park Bomonti Sea View Residence is located in the fastest growing spot in Istanbul, Bomonti. It is located right next to main tunnels of Istanbul which is Kagihane Tunnel and Besiktas Tunnel.
$ 225,000
Waves, ships, islands and clouds looking towards to you home. Just to make you to enjoy the view at its best, in Yedi Mavi Seven Blue there are no concrete walls but glass walls.
$ 197,500
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Do you ever dream about to live in a 5 star hotel? If yes, your dream came true. In Prime Residence Pullman Hotel Concept Homes, you can have an apartment from studio to 2 bedrooms in 5 star hotel.
$ 94,000
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Imagine a life that you step into the green and blue when you wake up every morning. A life within the city but all connected to the nature. Those who can't give up from the nature...
$ 620,000
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The most central spot of Istanbul that will bring different pleasures to your life, with a green park that will help Istanbul to breathe, perfect indoor and outdoor environments
$ 390,000
A beach town that is away from Istanbul's rush. We are inviting you to Marina 24 Sea Side Apartments for 7/24 holiday life with special beach and social areas right nearby Central Istanbul.
$ 139,000


When you buy apartment in Istanbul, first thing you need to consider is location. Always, projects with better locations have more potential for price appreciation. It doesn’t mean that the real estate project that you choose must be in the central Istanbul. Even if you choose from somewhere out of central Istanbul, you should evaluate the location as in the distance to the public transportation, main highways or reference points to your own district.


If you are looking to buy property, you probably have a budget limit on your mind. Let’s say you find a property that fits with your budget. However, you should be sure that the unit that you buy is worth for the money that you buy. Best way to do this is to compare the m2 price with other projects in the same area. Considering the projects’ facilities and location advantages if the price difference is around +/- %10 - %15 with other projects in the same area, you can be sure that the price you have given is worthy. Other technique you can use is the return of investment in terms of rental income. For small apartments (studio and 1 bedroom), return of investment as in rental income shouldn’t exceed 240 months. When the apartment gets larger rental income ROIs decrease. Let’s say you decide to buy 1-bedroom apartment for 480.000 Lira, then you must be sure that the apartment’s rental capability is minimum 2,000 Lira.

Legal Issues

If you buy an apartment from a branded developer or project the risk of encountering the legal problems is very less but it still might be useful to keep it in your mind.  What you need to consider is to declaration of the right price to tittle deed office and being sure that the unit allocation is approved (Kat mulkiyeti). If you will apply to Turkish Citizenship you may want to use a legal assistance in order to follow the steps correctly.

Which area is the best to buy apartment in Istanbul?

There isn’t one answer for this question. It is all about your expectations. You can find detailed information about the areas in Istanbul in blog article Central areas such as Sisli, Besiktas, Beyoglu and Sariyer are the most popular locations to buy apartment in Istanbul. Since the m2 prices are higher in this areas, small apartments are more preferable as in 1 bedroom or small 2 bedrooms. In addition to this, in terms of price appreciation and rental capability small apartments works better in these areas. If you think of making investment with less budget in central Istanbul, Kagithane and Eyup areas can be a good alternative. These areas are recently developing areas and has one of the highest return of investments. For family living and bigger apartments, you need to go little bit out of central Istanbul. In this case, Basaksehir, Kucukcekmece, Zeytinburnu and Buyukcekmece could be preferred. These areas also have their own centers with shopping malls, markets, restaurants etc. However, if you still want to go to central Istanbul in daily bases, it wouldn’t take you more than 40 – 45 minutes since the distance is around 20-30 kms. Lastly, if your decision is to live or invest in Asian Side, Kadikoy, Uskudar, Atasehir and Kartal are the most popular areas to buy apartment in Asian side of Istanbul.