Turkish Citizenship


According to no. 5901 Turkish Citizenship Law, Foreign investors who purchased 250.000 USD equivalent property, can apply for Turkish Citizenship. They can also apply for their spouses and under underage (18) children with the same investment. Investors cannot sell the property for 3 years.


Turkish Citizenship Application Step by Step  


turkish citizenship by investment process 

1 – Getting a tax number from any tax office in Istanbul: Declaration of your address in Turkey and copy of your passport is required in the application. Usually process is finalized in less than 5 minutes.

2- Opening a Bank Account in any Turkish Bank: It could be both national bank or private bank. You need to declare some documents such as your passport, utility bill from your home country and tax number.

3- Finding the property: The property that you will purchase must be declared as 250.000 USD or over. Property that you wish to purchase must be suitable for citizenship. Check out https://century21sinerji.com/requirements-for-turkish-citizenship/ to find out which properties are suitable for Turkish Citizenship Application.

4- Property Appraisal Report: After you decide on the property that you wish to buy; the property must be appraised by SPK Licensed property expertise firm. The appraisal firm must value the property at least 250.000 USD.

5- Buying the Property:  The sales must be in the tittle deed office by declaring the bank receipts and citizenship form. Money transfer has to be via bank (EFT). Cash or check payments are not accepted for citizenship application. If it is an on-going property, notary contract will be valid.

6- Handing the documents to Citizenship Office: You or your legal representative must deliver the required documents to the citizenship office by citizenship application payment receipt.

7- Obtaining the Residence Permit: Before you obtain your Turkish Citizenship, you are given a residence permit. Thus, you are free to stay in Turkey while your citizenship process continues.

8- Obtaining the Turkish Citizenship:  Usually, it takes 2-6 months to obtain the Turkish Citizenship. You will be noticed by Citizenship Office to get your Turkish IDs.


List of Required Documents



Group 1: Documents that are required to be submitted by yourself or your legal representative


1- Tax Number: Tax number can be taken from any tax office by declaring the address and passport. Your spouses also need a tax number in the application.

2- Valid Passport:  Valid passports must be translated to Turkish by licensed translators in the notaries.

3- Passport Size Photos: Each family member must deliver 4 passport size photos.

4- Birth Certificate: Your birth certificate must be approved from the concerned legal authority in your home country and must be translated and notarized in Turkey.

5- Documents of Your Relatives: Vital record, marriage certificate and birth certificate for your children. Documents must be approved from the legal authorities in your home country and must be translated and notarized in Turkey.

6- Health Insurance: General Health Insurance for every member of the family from any licensed Turkish Insurance agency during at least 6 months.

7- Application Form and Payment Bill: The Turkish Citizenship application form that you can reach from www.nvi.gov.tr and the payment bills of the application fee.

8- Tittle Deed or Notarized Contract: Tittle Deed(s) or Notarized Contract(s) of the properties.


Group 2: Documents that are required to be submitted by Tittle Deed Office

9- Appraisal Report: Before the sales, property appraisal report is submitted to tittle deed office by appraisal firms. After the sales, tittle deed office submits the report to the Citizenship Office.

10- Bank Receipt: You need to hand over your approved bank receipt to tittle deed office. After the sales, tittle deed office submits the bank receipt to the Citizenship Office.


Professional Partner in Turkish Citizenship by Investment Process

We as Century21 Sinerji conduct the entire process for you with our experienced sales and legal teams.

  1. After your inquiry, we present you the properties that fits you best with all the details
  2. We organize property tours to the ones that you selected
  3. We conduct the sales process suitably with citizenship process.
  4. Our legal department collects your documents and prepare them for Citizenship Office
  5. We arrange the health insurance and fill out your citizenship forms form you.
  6. Our legal team hands in all your documents to Citizenship Office
  7. Our legal team follows up with your application and lets you know once your residence permit and Turkish Citizenship is read
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